Our pitches

We have 25 pitches suitable for camper, caravan or tent. There are power outlets 230V 10A in 10 of the pitches. All pitches has views towards Lake Vänern, which is located south-facing. In the northern part there are trees that give shade on sunny days.

Rental Room

For those who do not have their own accommodation as a caravan, camper or other, will still have the possibility to stay with us. In reception building there are two rooms for rental. There are four beds in each room. The rooms are equipped with electric kettle, refrigerator, glassware and porcelain for a basic breakfast Access to showers, kitchen and lounges with TV is available in the service building just next door.

Price (per night)

We do not take any pre-reservations.
All payment in SEK


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Service and safety

Service Building
At the resort all our guests have free access to our service building where there are showers and toilets and lounges with TV and kitchen. In suitable weather you can also use our outdoor kitchen for washing and cooking.

Safety distance
It is important that everyone strives to keep the distance recommendations with a 4 metres free area around the whole combination. It is the camping guest’s ultimate responsibility to place their vehicles correctly to keep the distances properly. If the distance is less than 4 meters at a control, the guest can move their vehicle so that the distance recommendations are met.

Caravan/camper must have a valid inspection certificate from the approved authority. This must be demonstrated in the event of verification.